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C'mon Barbie Trends For Aug 2023

C'mon Barbie, let's go party Well, almost the real world. The return of Barbiecore rose in popularity in the fashion industry first. Fashion runways and red carpets have had an influx of hot pink. Last season, Valentino had an entirely hot pink runway show with 22 complete looks in the Barbie-approved shade. Since the vibrant fashion show, the looks have shown up at the Grammy Awards, Coachella and pretty much every event with a professional photographer.


And above all, Barbiecore is all about confidence! Wearing a full hot pink outfit is a great way to show the world that you’re bold, fashionable and just as hot as the color you’re wearing. Make sure you are prepared for the request of pink eyewear. Soft pinks have always been popular but the return of this semi neutral color is perfect for all face tones.

Check out these styles that exemplify
the trend described in Deb´s blog this month.

LTD Rocklyn

LTD Kelsey

LTD 2243

GEEK Gamer Jr

GeeK RAD 09 Jr

BI 4203

BI 4202

STM Fabiola