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Get expert input from a recognized authority on eyeglass frame styling. Our in-house frame designer, Deb Lochli-McGrath, has over 40 years´ experience in product development and fashion trends.
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Black frames will always be a timeless and sophisticated choice, so it’s no surprise why so many trend setters. Have turned to them to upgrade their looks. The dark moody color of these frames will inevitably draw attention to your facial features, so choosing the right shape is important. Play it safe with this classic rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges. This silhouette looks good on almost everyone!

No worries, as this classic shape comes in a translucent frame that is most sought after and a welcome accessory you will need this year. Since they are colorless, they look good on all skin tones too.

Try these frames with dark sunglass lenses or a slight tint for everyday use. If you have an angular face shape, frames with rounded edges will add balance and soften more prominent features. You can also check these out in an additional color, such as brown, which is a soft taupe that is not as bold as its counterparts.

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