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Get expert input from a recognized authority on eyeglass frame styling. Our in-house frame designer, Deb Lochli-McGrath, has over 40 years´ experience in product development and fashion trends.
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STM NOVARA: metal & plastic combo

Cat-eye shape frame

This frame style looks great regardless of your face shape. It is a prominent look for 2023. Though it is a classic shape, it still brings a fresh and contemporary look with angles that accentuate facial features.

Two things to consider when choosing a frame Identify your face shape. The frame shape will significantly affect your look. Eyeglasses should enhance and accentuate your face but without overpowering it. Make sure you select a frame style that gives contrast to your facial features. Your frame should allow your personality to shine through.


History and Frame colors are also essential.

Do you know the original designer of CatEyes? Altina Schinasi was an American sculptor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, window dresser, designer, and inventor. She was best known for designing what she called the "Harlequin eyeglass frame", popularly known as cat-eye glasses. Altina introduced the design in 1930. She was met with much resistance from manufacturers. Someone she met had "vision" and took her designs and exclusively manufactured them and the rest is history. CatEyes have such a strong history in the eyewear industry and customers are still wearing them, mostly modified. The shape is still relevant and looks great on all face types plus with the addition of colors it only makes them even more popular. Image Source: Dana Hall School:

Shop in person, this way you can always try out various colors before buying them. As an example, black frames may seem like an easy choice, but the color and shape combination may appear too severe. Similar to frame shapes, the color should contrast with your skin tone. Choose something you would ordinarily not, you may be pleasantly surprised!