LTD Eyewear NEW10 Promotions for Q2 2021

New Accounts (NEW10) – accounts that have NEVER purchased form LTD, they do not have an account number.  

Promotional Details: 

Promotion is available as a ONE time offer per account number.
Customers that have multiple offices, each having a separate account number, can use NEW 10 for each verified account number one time.  
Email address must be captured to receive the promo offering. 
Promotional offers expire on June 30, 2021. Orders must be placed on or before June 30, 2021 by 5 pm PST to be valid. Exceptions can only be authorized by Keith.
Promotional codes noted above to be entered for each website order, written on fax order in “NOTE” area or called in to CS with order.
When any promotion is included in any social media or email blasts a “source” code will be added to ensure we know where the order was generated from.  
Each marketing offering must be measured as to its success.


Purchase a minimum of 10 units of any LTD products and receive a ONE-TIME 10% discount off entire order.