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Pantone Announces color for 2023

Viva Magenta

Every year we wait in anticipation for what the color will be for the coming seasons. Pantone's choice each year is closely followed by all industries. Their predictions are based on research they gather from the previous year. You can bet this color will be seen this year.

As an importer, we follow these trends closely as we will adapt these colors to the fashion trends and shapes..Not all colors can be used exactly as presented, but we develop colors that are complementary to skin tones.

Predicting trends for the coming season:

  • We are seeing some '70s throwback shapes.
  • retro hexagons, rectangles, and rounds in both metal and plastic.
  • Cat-eyes are still prevalent but with softer curves and not as narrow.
  • Clear and light pastel plastic fronts with coordinating temples in a fashion color, Viva Magenta.

The largest growing segment this coming year will be the use of eco-friendly materials. Sustainable plastics will be used in frame materials, eyeglass cases, and lenses. Recyclable metal will also be offered.

Color has the ability to provide direction for all products, from phones to clothing, packaging, eyewear, and many more.

This year's color,Viva Magenta, is vibrant with subtle notes of purple, and magenta. It complements many different palettes, from those on the richer jewel-tone spectrum to even lighter earthy palettes.

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