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Deb Lochli-McGrath /12.01.2023

Happy Holiday Adventures

As the holiday season approaches, selecting the perfect eyewear becomes an essential part of your travel essentials. Whether you're heading to a sunny beach destination or exploring a snowy winter wonderland, the right pair of glasses can enhance your experience while protecting your eyes.


For those planning a tropical escape, sunglasses are a must. Look for frames that offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays. Polarized lenses are ideal as they reduce glare, making them perfect for water activities. Aviator or oversized styles provide extended coverage, while vibrant colors add a fun, holiday vibe.


If you're heading to a winter wonderland, ski goggles or sunglasses with UV protection are crucial. Goggles with anti-fog properties ensure clear vision during skiing or snowboarding. For those who prefer a more casual look, wraparound sunglasses with mirrored lenses can be a stylish yet functional choice.

Remember, the best eyewear not only complements your holiday attire but also meets your vision needs and comfort.

Deb Lochli-McGrath /11.12.2023

Oversized Eyeglasses: A Bold Statement

In 2024, the world of men's accessories witnesses a striking resurgence of a forgotten favorite – oversized eyeglasses. These frames are not just large; they are statement pieces, bolder and more audacious than their predecessors. Oversized eyewear has transcended beyond mere functionality, becoming a symbol of personal style and confidence. For the modern man, these glasses are not just a vision aid but a declaration of individuality. They command attention, frame the face distinctively, and add an extra layer of intrigue to any ensemble. As these oversized frames make their comeback, they invite men to embrace their uniqueness, standing out in a crowd not just for their choice of clothing, but for their daring embrace of bold, statement-making eyewear.

Deb Lochli-McGrath /10.15.2023

How To Wear Leopard Prints | FW23/24

If you think animal prints are over, think again, Animal prints are always in. A pop of animal print can add interest and playfulness to any wardrobe. The question is, how are the fashion crowd – and more specifically eyewear wearers adding leopard print in 2023? You can mix and match your leopard eyewear with browns, tans, blacks and even red. We like the chic retro look with the leopard temples. Accessorize with a jeweled purse and voila, you are off for a wild night.Our favorite styles: STM Lucia, STMA Audrey, STM Verona, Geek Retro Glam and STM Siena.

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Deb Lochli-McGrath / 09.10.2023

Vision Expo West 2023

WANT TO SEE LATEST TRENDS AND STYLES? JOIN LTD Eyewear at Vision Expo West in booth #P14041

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Deb Lochli-McGrath /08.15.2023


C'mon Barbie, let's go party Well, almost the real world. The return of Barbiecore rose in popularity in the fashion industry first.

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Deb Lochli-McGrath /07.15.2023

Summer Trends

Warm weather has arrived, bringing with it longer days and packed calendars.

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Deb Lochli-McGrath /05.01.2023

Cat-eye shape frame.

This frame style looks great on most women regardless of their face shape. It is a prominent look for 2023 and though it is a classic shape it stills brings a fresh and contemporary look with angles that accentuate facial features.

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Deb Lochli-McGrath /04.20.2023

Must-Haves! Spring/Summer 2023.

New Style Geek Leo, Brand: GEEK EYEWEAR. Black frames will always be a timeless and sophisticated choice, so it’s no surprise why so many trendsetters have turned to them to upgrade their looks.

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